Quality and Ethics

Quality Policy

VIH Aerospace management is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We achieve this by delivering products and services on time, in a safe manner and continually improving our Quality Management System. To this end, we have established measureable quality objectives, continually evaluate our performance based on those objectives and take action when we are not meeting them. Quality is part of our corporate identity and to support that philosophy, we ensure that our employees are trained and competent; our equipment and work instructions are maintained and controlled. Every VIH Aerospace employee is obligated and empowered to play a role in supporting our commitment to quality.

Certificates and Approvals

VIH Aerospace is well equipped to meet the needs of clients, offering cost effective, high quality maintenance products and services, delivered quickly and efficiently. We are Bell Helicopter authorized Customer Service Facility (CSF) and certified by Transport Canada (as well as FAA accepted) under AMO / AO #91-00 to provide aircraft maintenance and manufacturing services. We hold foreign aircraft maintenance approvals with EASA (certificate number EASA.145.7166) and ANAC (Brazil) (certificate number 1111-32/ANAC).

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Quality Management System Self Evaluation

In order to meet the growing industry demand for VIH Aerospace delivered products and services, this VIH Aerospace Quality Management System Self Evaluation has been prepared. All pertinent details of our management structure and Quality Management System have been documented here.

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Business Conduct, Ethics, and Compliance Program

The policy defines personnel responsibilities of all VIHA employees. All personnel involved in activities on behalf of VIHA will have access to, and will comply with the contents of this policy manual. Failure to comply with the contents of this policy manual will constitute grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal for cause.

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Vendor Quality Requirements Manual

This document is applicable to all Vendors of products and services to VIH Aerospace Inc. The purpose of this document is to define all applicable Vendor quality requirements and purchase order terms and conditions. Vendors must adhere to the requirements below in order to remain in active status on VIH Aerospace’s Approved Vendor List.

All Vendors providing products and services to VIH Aerospace Inc. must review and be knowledgeable of the contents of this document and are accountable for ensuring implementation, where required, within their corporate organization.

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Quality management system