VIH Aerospace Renews its CSF With Bell Helicopters

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Victoria, British Columbia - Canada – VIH Aerospace (VIHA) a leading provider of helicopter manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MMRO) services has qualified and renewed its Customer Service Facility (CSF) agreement with Bell Helicopters (Bell) effective 1 May 2018.

Arne Arneson, VIHA General Manager, stated. “Since 2004, VIHA has held a CSF with Bell and if you consider our long company history to include our parent company, VIH Group, our relationship with Bell dates back to 1975. That’s a 40 plus year partnership. As demand increases, maintaining our association with Bell Helicopters is extremely important in positioning ourselves to achieve our future growth strategy.”

Brian Thistle, Manager of Business Development, Sales & Marketing at VIH Aerospace also added, “Bell Helicopters has always been a mainstay for VIHAs MMRO business. Renewing our CSF agreement once again allows us to continue offering a full range of services on several Bell Helicopter types. As customer demand on Bell products steadily increases, having a CSF allows VIHA to remain a major player in today’s competitive MMRO market.”

About VIH Aerospace

VIH Aerospace services include airframe and component MRO, Manufacturing, Engineering & Design, Fabrication & Refurbishment, Avionics & Electrical and Non-Destructive Testing; all performed to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specification and in accordance to aviation industry regulatory bodies and organizations.

Bell Aircraft types supported by VIHA include:

  • Field Maintenance: 205/206A,B/206L/212/222/230/407/505
  • Component Overhaul: 205/206A,B/206L/212/222/230/407
  • Tail Boom Fixture Repair: 205/212/412

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