VIH Aerospace Announces 'Introductory Pricing' for the MCP01 Master Caution Panel

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – VIH Aerospace (VIHA), a leading provider of helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services  announces an Introductory Pricing Program for its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada (TC) approved and Supplemental Type Certificated (STC) replacement Master Caution Panel (#: MCP001) for the Bell 212 series helicopter.

Arne Arneson, General Manager with VIHA explains that to ensure the MCP01 Master Caution Panel gets in the hands of Bell 212 operators in a timely manner, VIHA is offering an Introductory Pricing Program to incentivize operators to adopt this new product that offers greatly enhanced performance, reliability and safety, and reduces direct operator costs.

To support this claim, Arneson identifies a number of key improvements that include:

  • ‘Plug & Play’ direct replacement for the existing OEM unit; it uses the existing wiring and connectors, therefore negating retro-fit time and costs
  • A new electronics package with LED display technology (dual redundancy-no bulb replacements) and mechanical packaging
  • Incorporates a Digital State Recorder output (records 2000+ events-equivalent to one event per minute over 34 hours via an RS-422 download to PC, or transmit real time via HFDM; improving reporting and enhancing flight safety
  • Improved Optics
  • 75% reduced current draw and cooler operation
  • NVIS version available
  • 75 lbs (versus current 5lb unit)
    Custom Legends available
  • One piece display filter prevents moisture & environmental contaminants from entering the panel.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Economical; on average, unit cost is equivalent to one day of lost flying

Arneson elaborates, stating: ‘The MCP01 is a uniquely engineered and designed installation that offers substantial improved performance, safety and reliability over legacy Bell 212 panels. Of great importance to operators is its ability to mitigate the revenue losses caused by high rates of failure associated with the existing master caution panel. When viewed over the operational life of the helicopter, the outcome is increased reliability and data recording accuracy, and substantially less downtime due to system failure. These measures translate into improved earning potential for the helicopter.”

FAA STC:      # SR03503NY
TC STC:         # SH14-43

Arneson adds that in addition to FAA and TC approval, he anticipates European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval for Q3 of 2015.

VIHA also offers a comprehensive suite of services including: aircraft refurbishment, structural repair, component overhaul, avionics and electrical installations, modification and upgrades, product engineering, Supplemental Type Certificate Development and parts/special operations equipment sales.
Aircraft types supported by VIHA include:

  • Bell Helicopter 205/206/212/407/222/230
  • Sikorsky S-61 and S-92
  • Airbus AS350

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