Sikorsky S-61 Turbine Inlet Temperature Gauge Replacement

Product FeaturesS-61 turbine inlet temperature gauge

  • Easy installation
  • Digital display constantly updates to provide accurate T5 temperature readings
  • Readable in sunlight

The Sikorsky S-61 Turbine Inlet Temperature (T-5) Gauge replacement substitutes the OEM indicators with new gauges manufactured by Diamond J Inc. and are installed in the same location as the original instruments.

The Diamond J turbine inlet temperature indicator combines an Sikorsky S61 Turbine Inlet Temperature Gauge Replacementanalogue needle with a digital readout. The analogue scale is
expanded in the higher temperature range in order to provide improved readability. The digital readout provides one-degree resolution throughout the 0 to 999°C range, and updates a minimum of two times per second. The existing T-5 test button remains operational and when depressed, activates a self-test function in both indicators.

Gauges are available for S-61 aircraft equipped with either the GE CT58-140-1 or CT58-140-2 engines. When ordering, customers must specify the style of gauge required.

The kit includes two gauges and installation hardware. All support documentation is also included.

Contact VIH Aerospace MMRO Sales for pricing information.

Part Number Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Weight
Canada (TC) US (FAA)
V61-0614J S-61L, S-61N SH06-40 SR02471NY N/A*
*Weight change is negligible.