MD 500 Main Rotor Blade Tie-Down Tips

Product Features

MD 500 Main Rotor Blade Tie-Down Tips

  • Easy to install
  • Light weight
  • Does not affect main rotor blade trailing edge trim tab

The Main Rotor Blade Tie-Down Tips installation is designed to replace the existing tip cap covers in the end tips of the main rotor blades. This installation enables the operator to tie down each of the main rotor blades without affecting the position of the main rotor blade trailing edge trim tab.

MD 500 Main Rotor Blade Tie-Down TipsEach kit contains 5 tie-down tips, 5 tie-down assemblies, and a kit bag for storage of the tie-downs when not in use. All support documentation is also included. If a mixture of tie-down tips is required, please specify the part number and quantity of individual tips that are needed.

Kit approved for installation on:

  • 369D (500D)
  • 369E (500E)
  • 369FF (530F)
  • 500N (520N)
  • 600N

Contact VIH Aerospace MMRO Sales for additional information.

Part Number Blade Part Number
STC Approval # Weight Price (USD)
Canada (TC) US (FAA)

369D21100-517, 369D21100-521, 369D21100-523, or 500P2100-101, 500P2100-103, 500P2100-105, or 369D21120-501, 369D21120-503, 369D21120-505, or 369D21102-BSC, 369D21102-501, 369D21102-503, 369D21102-517, 369D21102-519, 369D21102-521, 369D21102-523, or 500P2300-501, 500P2300-503, 500P2300-505, or 369D21121-501, 369D21121-503, 369D21121-505

SH01-15 SR01343NY 0.05 lbs $1,700
V500-201 369D21100-513, 369D21100-515, 369D21100-516, or 369D21100-519 SH01-15 SR01343NY 0.03 lbs $1,700