Bell 407 Vertical Reference Window (R/H)

Product Features

Bell 407 Vertical Reference Window Right Hand Side

  • Excellent visibility for long-line operations
  • Fast, easy installation
  • No change to operation of door
  • No airspeed limitations

The Bell 407 Vertical Reference Window (R/H) Installation provides the pilot with increased visibility relative to the side of the aircraft without opening any windows or doors. The vertical reference window attaches directly to the existing door, and is a direct replacement for the original Bell 407 window.

Bell 407 vertical reference window manufacturingThe window measures just over 14 inches deep at the apex, and has over 2 cubic feet of volume, providing ample room for the pilot to lean out for enhanced field of vision. Also, installation of the window doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice performance for visibility – simply put, there are no airspeed limitations with this window in place.

The kit consists of a window, retainers, and all necessary installation hardware. An optional foam and fabric plug for the cut-out at the bottom of the window is available on request. All support documentation is also included.

Part Number

Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Price (USD)
Canada (TC) US (FAA) EASA
V407-0822B-000 Bell 407 SH09-29 SR02865NY 10051078 $4,895.00
Window Plug (on request): $295.00