Bell 205/212 Pulse Light Installations

Product Features

Bell 205/212 Pulse Light Installation

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Increases the visibility of your aircraft to others
  • Reduces the possibility of aircraft near-misses & bird strikes

Whether you’re conducting flight operations in a traffic-heavy environment or in the circuit to land, your visibility to other pilots is critical to flight safety. The Pulse Lights Installation is designed to be a simple method to improve air safety by making your aircraft more visible to other operators.

Bell 205/212 Pulse Light InstallationA pair of 150W or 250W lights (28 volts) are installed under the nose of the aircraft. When activated, the incorporated pulse module pulses the lights in an alternating “wig-wag” arrangement, giving the illusion of exaggerated movement and thereby increasing the visibility of your aircraft. This reduces the likelihood of near-misses with other aircraft, and the possibility of bird strikes.

The Pulse Light Installation kit comes with a pulse light module tray, two lights & mounting brackets, and installation hardware. All necessary support documentation is also included.

Part Number Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Weight Price (USD)
Canada (TC) US (FAA)
V205-0835K-100 205A-1 SH09-42 SR02861NY 5.8 lbs TBD
V212-028 205B, 212 SH09-42 SR02850NY 5.8 lbs TBD