Bell 204/205 Nose Survival Kit

Product Features

Bell 205A Nose Survival Kit

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Provides a sturdy container for storage of survival equipment
  • Quick-release latch allows for quick removal

When conducting operations in isolated areas, emergency preparation is essential. The Nose Survival Kit (for Bell 205A-1 exclusively) provides a sturdy and secure method for storing food items and other survival equipment.

The installation is comprised of two different sized survival kits:

  • the upper kit with a 0.45 cu ft volume
  • the lower kit at a 0.94 cu ft volume.

Bell 205A Nose Survival KitEach kit has a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs. Operators have the option of using one or both kits, depending on variables, including: weight / number of passengers / mission profile.

The quick-release latch on the front of each kit allows for easy removal and replacement, and the sturdy construction ensures the safety and security of all contents.

NOTE: Installation of this kit requires that the aircraft be equipped with a Dart Aerospace Dual Battery Rack per STC SH92-19 or SH1004NE. The Nose Survival kit comes with mounting trays, decals, and installation hardware. All necessary support documentation is included.

Part Number Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Weight Price (USD)
Canada (TC) US (FAA)
V205-1012M-000 204B, 205A, 205A-1 SH07-12 SR02430NY 51.6 lbs* (Upper)
51.7 lbs* (Lower)
*Weight of mounting tray & fully-loaded survival kit