Bell 222/230 Medical Bar Kit

Product Features

Bell 222 Medical Bar Kit

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Permits attachment of multiple medical equipment items
  • Easily removable to facilitate maintenance requirements
  • Ideal for medical transport operations

The Medical Bar Kit is designed for Bell 222/230 helicopters used in the transport of medical casualties. The kit provides for the installation of a horizontal medical bar on the left-hand side of the cabin roof, giving medical attendants an ideal location to mount medical equipment and/or hang IV bags.

Bell 222 Medical Bar KitThe standard kit consists of a medical bar, mounting brackets, all of the necessary attach hardware, and all necessary support documentation. Customers also have the option of choosing a variety of accessories (vertical medical bar, Propac holder, IV hooks and/or AVPA holder) for the installation of other medical equipment.

The medical bar can be adjusted by up to four inches laterally to aid in the desired positioning of medical equipment.

 Two models are available:

  • P/N VIH-100-000 (Long 77” medical bar kit)
  • P/N VIH-100-000A (Short 20” medical bar kit)

The 77” medical bar runs the full length of the passenger cabin, and can accommodate a variety of equipment of up to 40 lbs total weight, plus another 10 lbs of IV bag fluids.

The 20” medical bar is located at the aft end of the passenger cabin, and accommodates a variety of equipment of up to 35 lbs total weight.

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Part Number Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Weight
Canada (TC) US (FAA)
VIH-100-000 Bell 222, 222B, 222U, 230 SH95-30 SR00373NY 5.8 lbs
VIH-100-000A Bell 222, 222B, 222U, 230 SH95-30 SR00373NY 1.9 lbs