Bell 222/230 Floor Drain Installation

Product FeaturesBell 222 Floor Drain Installation

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Assists in maintaining a clean environment in the passenger cabin
  • Ideal for medical transport operations

The Floor Drain Installation is designed specifically for Bell 222/230 aircraft used in the transport of medical casualties.

Medevac aircraft undergo thorough cleaning on a regular Bell 222 Floor Drain Installationbasis in order to maintain a sterile environment and the VIH Aerospace Bell 222/230 Floor Drain Installation provides a means for fluid drainage from the aft passenger compartment during cleaning operations.

The kit consists of drain assemblies, external doublers, hose segments, and all necessary attaching hardware. All support documentation is also included.

Contact VIH Aerospace MMRO Sales for pricing information.

Part Number Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Weight
Canada (TC) US (FAA)
V22-531003-401 Bell 222, 230 SH94-24 SR00210NY 0.25 lbs