Bell 205/212 Door Modification Kit

Product Features

Bell 205/212 door modification kit

  • Each sub-kit is easy to install
  • Improves operation and functionality of crew and passenger doors
  • Reduces wear and tear, and improves service life of doors

The Door Modifications Kit provides several key updates that can be installed on the cockpit and passenger doors of the Bell 205A-1, 205B and 212 aircraft that improve the operation and functionality. Each modification can be purchased separately, or as a complete kit. The kit is comprised of various individual sub-kits:

Rain Gutter – Prevents rain water from rolling off the airframe and onto passengers as they board or disembark the aircraft. Rain water is funneled to the aft end of the passenger door frame and discharged.

Passenger Door Slider – Replaces original Bell part with a longer slider, ensuring smooth motion of the passenger door. Includes sliders and attachment screws (qty 2 of each).

Door Stop (aft) – Replaces original Bell part, and provides a contact point for the new longer passenger door slider. Includes stoppers, attachment angles, and doublers (qty 2 of each), as well as installation hardware.

Heavy-duty Door Stop – Installed at the inner latch handle of the passenger door, the door stop acts as a primary contact point between the door and the airframe. It also serves to reduce or prevent impact damage on the aft door stop.

Roller Guard – Prevents wear of the existing passenger door track. Includes guards (qty 2) and installation hardware.

Door Rollers – Modification to the existing passenger door rollers to increase component service life. Includes replacement rollers & bearings (qty 10) for all existing roller support assemblies, as well as new installation hardware.

Door Handles – Interior and external handles are added to aid in the opening and closing of the passenger doors. Addition of the external handle also reduces the wear of the existing door latch handle. Includes handles, doubler plates (qty 4 of each) and installation hardware.

Heavy-duty Handle Cover – Prevents passengers from inadvertently activating the forward hinged passenger door. The cover assembly is easy to remove in the event that the door needs to be opened in an emergency situation. Includes cover assemblies (qty 2) and installation hardware.

Protector Plate – Installed on the lower panel of the forward hinged passenger door to prevent damage to the door’s outer skin from the inside. The plate also can be used for the operator to install after-market storage pouches or pockets. Includes protector plates (qty 2), mount bracket assemblies (qty 16), and installation hardware.

Crew Door Guides – Installed on aft side of the crew door and aft crew door frame to take up the weight of the door when it is in the closed position. This helps relieve tension and eliminate wear on the forward hinges. Includes door guides and door stops (qty 2 of each), mounting plates (qty 6) and installation hardware.

Part Number Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Weight Price (USD)
Canada (TC) US (FAA)
V205-090 (Complete Kit) 205A, 205B, 212 SH09-41 SR02769NY 12.1 lbs $13,500
Rain gutter (qty 2) N/A**  
Passenger door slider (qty 2) N/A**
Door stop (qty 2) N/A**
Heavy-duty door stop (qty 2) 0.5 lb*
Roller guard (qty 2) N/A**
Door roller modifications (qty 2 sets) N/A**
Door handles (qty 2 sets) 10 lbs*
Heavy-duty handle covers (qty 2) N/A**
Protector plate (qty 2) 1 lb*
Crew door guides (qty 2 sets) 0.6 lb*

*Total weight for components installed on LH & RH sides of aircraft.
**Weights marked N/A indicate a negligibile weight change.