Manufacturing & Fabrication

Our in-house Manufacturing Team will provide you with years of experience in efficiently and cost-effectively producing practically any project; from manufacture of STC products to production of piece projects to support your manufacturing requirements.

Our customers include some of the leading helicopter and fixed-wing operators in the aviation industry.

VIH Aerospace manufacturing and fabrication services include:

  • Machining –includes a 3-axis and a NEW 5-axis CNC milling machine, as well as a manual lathe for creating machined parts out of metals or plastics.
  • Welding –performing TIG (all materials) and MIG (steel) welding.
  • Sheet Metal –producing a wide variety of sheet metal parts to exacting specifications.
  • Plastics – producing plastics/Plexiglas molding of vertical reference (bubble) windows for a variety of Bell, Sikorsky and Airbus helicopters.

Haas VF6-40 TR 5-axis CNC milling machine Welding capabilities