Sikorsky S-92 Vertical Reference Window

Sikorsky S92 Vertical Reference Window

Product Features

  • Excellent visibility for long-line operations
  • Easy installation
  • No change to operation of co-pilot emergency exit

The vertical reference (crew bubble) window installation provides the co-pilot with increased visibility relative to the side of the aircraft without opening windows. The window has been designed to attach directly to the original window frame, and it maintains all emergency characteristics of the original OEM window.

The kit consists of a vertical reference window, retainers, and all of the necessary installation hardware. All support documentation is included.

Contact VIH Aerospace MMRO Sales for additional information.

Part Number Aircraft Model STC Approval # Weight Price (USD)
VS92-0803B-000 Sikorsky S-92A SH08-29 SR02560NY 2017S02-13 EASA.IM.R.S.01476 16.6 lbs $89,000