Sikorsky S-92 Sea Tray


Product Features

  • Ideal for over-water SAR operations
  • Easy installation
  • Prevents corrosion of seat tracks & sub-floor structure

If your company provides over-water SAR operations, the Sea Tray is the ideal item to have in the aircraft cabin when rescuing casualties from a marine
environment. The rubberized tray prevents water from
getting into the cabin seat-tracks and under the cabin floor, where corrosion can result.

Once on the ground, the sea tray can easily be mopped out
with a squeegee, or removed from the aircraft entirely for rinsing and cleaning.

Sikorsky S92 Sea Tray/Cabin Floor Linear AssemblyVIH Aerospace offers two styles of sea tray for your S-92 aircraft:

  • P/N VS92-0608F-000C – for use with the VIH Aerospace Auxiliary Fuel Tank installation
  • P/N VS92-0608F-000B – for use with the VIH Aerospace Auxiliary Fuel Tank & SAR Console installations

Each kit consists of a sea tray assembly, non-skid matting, and installation hardware. All support documentation also included.

Contact VIH Aerospace MMRO Sales for additional information.

Part Number Aircraft Model STC Approval # Weight

Price (USD)

Canada (TC) US (FAA) EASA
VS92-0608F-000B S-92A SH06-41 SR02339NY EASA.IM.R.S.01288  38.5 lbs* $17,275
VS92-0608F-000C S-92A SH06-41 SR02339NY EASA.IM.R.S.01288 45 lbs*  $17,275
*Maximum weight shown. Weight may be less, depending on coverage of non-skid matting.