Sikorsky S-92 SAR Equipment Installation

The SAR Equipment Installation provides search and rescue (SAR) operators with the tools to successfully track and locate casualties in times of distress. The installation combines the use of a gimbaled thermal imaging camera (FLIR Ultra 8500XR-series) and a high-intensity searchlight (NightSun II XP), and an operations console provides the SAR operator with a station from which to conduct their valuable work.

If desired, the customer can choose to install either the thermal imaging camera or the searchlight as stand-alone systems:

  • FLIR installation includes gimbaled thermal imaging camera, SAR console & controller
  • NightSun installation includes the searchlight, junction box and controller (SAR console not required)

The SAR console comes equipped with an LCD display screen, communications suite, lamp, storage compartments for maps & other items, and a pull-out drawer that serves as a chart table. An optional adjustable SAR operator seat may be included on request.

Each system comes with wire harnesses, mount assemblies for external equipment, and all necessary installation hardware. All support documentation is also included.

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Part Number Aircraft Model(s) STC Approval # Weight
Canada (TC) US (FAA)
VS92-0726S-000 (Combined) S-92A SH09-39 SR02762NY 277.2 lbs 
VS92-0726S-000 (FLIR only) S-92A SH09-39 SR02762NY 201.5 lbs 
VS92-0726S-000 (NightSun only) S-92A SH09-39 SR02762NY 82.3 lbs 

VS92-076F-301 (Adjustable SAR Seat)

S-92A SH09-39 SR02762NY 28.5 lbs